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[Toshi 2012-11-13 12:18:00] Usakumya x A

Everyone knows that the ones who did our costumes this time were 「Alice and the PIRATES」, right? Well then, the 「Alice and the PIRATES」 and 「A」 collab made a puppet too! We’re thinking of a name now!!!!! — N/T: Usakumya is a puppet from 「Baby, The Stars Shine Bright」, and 「Alice and the PIRATES」 is […]

[Toshi 2012-08-15 16:08:00] In deep sleep

Saying “I’m gonna go read!” When I thought he’d gone off to seize the day He fell asleep (bwahaha)   Let’s go quietly!( ̄– ̄)ゞ — Translated by Giz

[Toshi 2012-08-15 23:26:00] 2012.8.15 Saitama kaikan

It’s the third time in the Saitama kaikan this year! Thank you everyone who came(^-^)v Today is the first feast welcoming Gt. Yo-san! And, Our yearly tradition of throwing a signed balloon was also fun huh! At first Rookie went to toss it and I tried to punch it on a spike but surprisingly it […]

[Toshi 2012-08-16 19:21:00] Sleeping together

Today there’s sleeping together cheki[1] (haha)   — [1] No.. Not like sex.. Get your mind out of the gutter. — Translated by Giz

[Toshi 2012-08-17 01:20:00] 2012.8.16 Ikebukuro Black hole

The feast in Ikebukuro Blackhole finished!!! For coming to this damn damn damn damn hot place, thanks everyone!!! Also, thanks for staying to the end!!! right right, Today, in addition to the sleeping together cheki We put in some premium signed cheki by Rookie (^-^)v ※We decided to not cut corners!( ̄– ̄)ゞ Today’s setlist 1.Night Of […]

[Toshi 2012-08-31 02:08:00] 2012.8.30 Akita ClubSWINDLE

A’s first in Akita! If it were the us from until last year, We would’ve certainly been adjusting our travel goods and outfits and such! But we acquired an intuition during the Europe tour, And being able to communicate in Japanese, we stopped one night, and went to the nearest conbini on intuition OK! (haha) […]

[Toshi 2012-08-31 22:17:00] 2012.8.31 Sendai MACANA

We-arr-ived-sendai!!! The second day in Tohoku without a break after Akita yesterday!!! By the way, there’s a lot of shiitake mushrooms in Sendai. Before the feast, bam, gulped down some tongueox with the bermens!!! And after, bam, coffee with Moni, Kieroo and Shito!!![1] 、 、 、 Okay I’ll be serious now (haha) Today’s fest was […]

[Toshi 2012-09-01 16:54:00] Afterword

Thank you Akita & Sendai! Both had a very personal townscape so they were really great places. Inserted by Heloc↓ who drove us on the way home. Hmm, If I must say so, It’s got a “funky” taste,,. (haha) And here↓ It’s easy to use and it’s the most beautiful ( ☆∀☆) Hereafter the members […]

[Toshi 2012-08-12 23:59:00] 2012.8.12 Ario Kawaguchi

Hello hearty! Today was the acoustic live in Ario Kawaguchi. We did a total of 9 songs on 2 stages! It’s been a while since I went Fire on an acoustic base!!! Setlist 1.Zankokuna tenshin no thesis 2.Night Of The Knights 3.Mirror of terror 4.MASQUERADE 5.Koyoi juusei ga kikoenai machi de It was a performance […]

[Toshi 2012-08-07] 2012.8.6 Ikebukuro EDGE oneman of Triumphal Return

Hello hearty! Yesterday was the oneman of Triumphal Return in Ikebukuro EDGE! Thank you for waiting for A even though we were away from Japan for a month!!! Yesterday was a special feast, did you enjoy it!? With the live, Europe talk, my[1] fire vocals and so on,,,. (haha) Well, that story aside, For all […]