»Official Sites
These are official sites.

Mobile site :
YouTube :
Old YouTube account :
Blue Planet Japan : 

Mr. T’s Project FaceBook Page : 
Mr. T’s Project YouTube : 

T’s Project NicoNico channel :

Official FaceBook Fan Page : 
Toshi FaceBook Fan Page : 
Nimo FaceBook Fan Page : 

Nimo’s Ameba blog :
Nimo’s Twitter :

Mucho’s Ameba blog :
Mucho’s Twitter :

Toshi’s Ameba blog :
Toshi’s Twitter :

Rookie’s Ameba blog :
Rookie’s Twitter :
Rookie’s Report「Blue Planet Japan」:

As of right now, there are NO official international fanpages. Any fanpages saying they are official are LYING. They are unauthorized.

»Information sites
These sites have some information on A.

Visual Kei Database 「VKDB」 :
Grasstread : 
Barks : 
Band’s Aid : 

Other sites about A.
Hearties United Fan Project – A fan project with many fans’ art & letters to the band.
»Live Houses
Some live houses that A has played in.
Ikebukuro CYBER :
Takadanobaba AREA :
Urawa Narcisse :
Ikebukuro BlackHole :
大塚 (Otsuka) RED-Zone :
恵比寿 (Ebisu) LIQUIDROOM :
恵比寿 (Ebisu) LIVE GATE TOKYO :