King of Pirates – Melissa


Twenty years of age, Dutch.

Melissa is another translator, better known as @AceTranslations. Inspired by the pirates she met on one of her journeys to Tokyo in 2011, this Dutch Hearty wants to contribute to spreading their love across the seas they have yet to cross themselves.

It was her marriage to the Queen of Pirates that gave her the title of Pirate King (obviously, girls can become Kings too). Despite owning a modest castle together with the beloved Queen and their daughter Anid, ever since childhood the sea has been a second home. As the daughter of a Captain she saw many parts of the world and spend her early years growing up in the Caribbean. It was here her affection for the Pirate way of life began.

Outside the royal duties as Pirate King, her main occupations are keeping track of the pirate’s course by deciphering their blogs and lyrics together with Giz, while she loyally documents their shout-outs by the ways o’ Twitter.

Enjoys drinking, looting and wandering in her free time.

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