A (エース)

Anonymous Confederate Ensemble

A (エース), pronounced ‘ace’, is a Japanese visual-kei band that formed during their first live at Laforet Museum Roppongi on April 18, 2010. The band consists of vocalist Nimo, guitarist Mucho Gracias, bassist Toshi and violinist Rookie Fiddler. Meet Ace’s support members HERE.

Band History
As told on Ace’s OHP


2010.4.18 ~ At the Roppongi La Foret Museum, an unknown band uttered its first cry. Its name was A (ace).
 The members gathered under the slogan “Strong fury, echoing beauty, extremely enthusiastic crazy ROCK” and formed the band.
(A (ace) is short for Anonymous Confederate Ensemble.)

On the 6th of that April they released a consecutive concept demo CD. 
They left a strong impression with their classic and dark musicianship.
2010.7.12 ~ Participation with the Stylish Wave tour (Kashiwa, Aomori, Sapporo, Utsunomiya)
2010.10.27 & 28 ~ 2 day performance in Shibuya AX, BOXX at Rockin’ mama PRESENTS ~Psychidelic party Vol. 1~
2010.10.27 ~ Limited live release of the mini album “BLACK ALBUM“.
2010.12.17 ~ First decisive sponsor live at Ikebukuro CYBER: Von Voyage ~Christmas Eve Fest~.
2010.12.22 ~ Release of first single “Yoake no Anthem / NUDE
2010.12.31 ~ Performance together with YUYA UCHIDA PRESENTS 38th NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL, stylish wave COUNTDOWN ’10-’11.

~The Voyage~

When the curtains opened in 2011, A announced to incorporate music from around the world.

2011.2.20 ~  “Bon Voyage ~Silver feast~” at the Shibuya Chelsea Hotel.
 From March on, the release of the 5 consecutive concept CD with the world music theme was announced
. They presented new songs in which they combined the violently beautiful music as it was with the worldly sounds.
2011.3 ~Grafton Calling” release.
2011.4 ~SAKURA” release.
 Start of the Visual Kei charity project after the Great Japan Earthquake disaster together with Daizy Stripper and FEST VAINQUEUR. 
Rookie was appointed project leader.
2011.5 ~MASQUERADE” Release.
2011.6 ~GODDESS” Release.
2011.7 ~Viva la Casta!” Release.
2011.8.3 ~ 2nd Single “Black Butterfly” Limited release at ZEAL LINK.
2011.8.27 ~ First oneman live “evilAlive” at Ikebukuro Cyber. 
At the same time the mini album “WHITE ALBUM” was offered as a live limited release. It sold out on the same day.
2011.9.14 ~Black Butterfly” Nationwide release (zankoku na tenshin no thesis was added in addition to the cover song).
2011.9.14 ~ BLUE PLANET JAPANhitotsu dake ~We Are The One~” release.
2011.11.11 ~  Became “A day”. Free second oneman “THANKS GIVING DAY 2011” was held at Ikebukuro Black Hole. On this day the period of Voyage ended,
 guitarist Mucho Gracias departed on a training journey.
2011.11.23 ~ The live limited albums “BLACK ALBUM” and “WHITE ALBUM” were released nation wide as A’s 1st album “BLACK&WHITE ALBUM“.
2011.12.17 ~  The Christmas song “White & Holy Night with You” became available in the iTunes Store.

~The Invasion~

2012.1.11 ~ The 3rd oneman live “NU WORLD beginning of the invasion fest ” took place.
 With symphonic rock at the core, it was once again filled with highly aggressive songs, the act of the invasion has started.

NOTE: Translated by Giz.

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