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Acoustic Feast of Darkness vol. 4

As we said on Twitter, the official announcement of the new crew members will have to be delayed due to Boss being sick. Wish her a quick recovery! But today we have news! A will be playing an Acoustic Feast of Darkness, vol. 4! The event will take place in Ebisu Tenmado Switch the 15th […]

The Wondrous Tales of the Russia Trip (part 1)

We apologize for the lateness of this, but there have been some technical trouble with the Princess’ laptop, so this had to be delayed a bit. For the record, our technical trouble have nothing to do with Nimo needing the toilet. So the Pirates went to Russia, saw and conquered. Here are the chronicles of […]

Calling for pictures from the Russian concert!

  We have seen a few pictures around that Hearties took of the concert in Russia, so we thought we could gather them together and post them in here for everyone to see the pretty. So, if you want to, you can send us your pictures through the form below. Give us also your name […]

The wondrous tales of the ∀

The wondrous tales of the ∀

What the flipping F, you might ask, after seeing that title. We’re wondering the same, really. ∀, pronounced “turn-A”. Is a new super-secret SOMETHING. That we don’t really know about yet. It will presumably be revealed soon, but until then, that logo and this image: Are all the clues we have, along with that one […]

The Wondrous Updates of the ∀

WE HAVE A DATE, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, these are all the pictures we have seen so far: Then we got a…warning… “The six adrift from the dark abyss are coming…” Requested to spread that info to the Dark Servants…I wonder who those are… And then…we got ourselves a date: “On the twenty-eighth […]

ACE Russia — again.

Our favourite pirates will be playing in Russia again soon! They will be playing at Luch7 Festival, a free event for the 85th anniversary of Moscow central park, on the 24th of August.

Tin Toy Classica (Rookie & Kazami) to cover hide

The “Magical Music Unit” Tin Toy Classica, by Rookie Fiddler and DaizyStripper’s Kazami, will appear in a new hide tribute album. The album’s name is 「hide TRIBUTE Ⅳ -Classical SPIRITS-」 and it will be release on August 28, 2013, with a price of 3,000 yen. The song they will be covering is Pink Spider, [violin […]

♠ 白い悪魔~Phantom of the Snow~ [kanji/romaji/translation]

♠ 白い悪魔~Phantom of the Snow~ [kanji/romaji/translation]

Kanji, romaji and English translations for Ace’s latest single, 白い悪魔~Phantom of the Snow~.

Mr T’s new project 【we want to hear the fan’s voices directly!】

Mr. T from the office attached to DaizyStripper, A and FEST VAINQUEUR has implimented a new project. Because it’s natural that the shachou wants to hear your opinions and requests regarding the various bands, band members and staff, we are now receiving everyone’s messages on Mr. T’s facebook 「V-rock Fan Page “T’s Project”」 For more […]

♠ ELEMENTA ALCHEMICA [kanji/romaji/translation]

『 kanji 』 この世界を司る四つの源。すなわち、地、水、火、風。それらには、古より精霊が宿ると 言われて来ました。 その全てをひとつに集めたとき、新しい世界の扉が開かれるそうです…あなたはその扉を開く勇気がおわりですか?… (1) いいでしょう。今宵、その四つの魂を集め宴をひらくことにしましょう。…なにが起こるかは、あなたの目で、そして耳で、確かめてごらんなさい。 それでは… 大地が生まれた遥かなその日から 光求めて彷徨う旅人 何かを得るには短く そして世界は広すぎるのに 怖くはなかった あなたとふたりなら この宇宙のこの星の百億の時のなか この時代に落とされた小さき者 絶え間ない絶望と歓喜の果てに (2) 辿り着ける Los paradiso 栄え滅びて繰り返す街をあとに アルカナ占う地図のない道のり 何かを犠牲にしてでも この手にしたいものがあるから それが未来でもあなたとふたりなら 灯火が尽きる様にやがて消える命を 背負わされた強く儚き者 信じ合い裏切られそれでも愛して 辿り道ける Los paradiso この宇宙のこの星の百億の時のなか この時代に出逢った小さき者 終わらないこの旅が終わるその時に 辿り道ける Los paradiso Falling in deep water Drifting just the two of us 千年の時を越え生き続ける孤独と 引き替えにこの手にしたも For this love To […]