[Toshi 2012-08-07] 2012.8.6 Ikebukuro EDGE oneman of Triumphal Return

Hello hearty!

Yesterday was the oneman of Triumphal Return in Ikebukuro EDGE!

Thank you for waiting for A even though we were away from Japan for a month!!!

Yesterday was a special feast, did you enjoy it!?

With the live, Europe talk, my[1] fire vocals and so on,,,. (haha)

Well, that story aside,

For all the flowers, presents, letters, pictures, messages and such,

Thank you very much!

Each and every one of them became a precious treasure!

and, the first threeshot after returning to our country!!!

Best regards from here on too!!!

[1] He used “ore-sama” here to refer to himself, which is, well, -really- arrogant ww

Translated by Giz