[Nimo – 2011/12/31] The Final Blog. It’s pretty long (lol)

So~ 2011 is finally drawing to a close ne!

What kind of year has this one year been?
Certainly several kinds of growth have taken place, right.

I too have been greatly inspired by all your vigorous and hard-working spirits!

Forever thanks for all the honest, warm support!
My gratitude is huge!
From now on too, please watch over us humble people with a warm gaze.
Because we will continue returning music with a many times doubled amount of strength!

This year lastly, let’s try and say a few kind words about the members too

First is


In any case you are the brain behind A!
I feel like Roo-san is the person I clash the most with huh! (lol)
But, the songs Rookie made, I really love them!
Even though it’s always difficult and thus a hard fight (lol) the feeling that I want to send Rookie’s songs into the world is strong!
From now on too I want to sing with all my strength!
From now on too, let’s make more awesome songs together♪


I’ve had the longest friendship with Toshi-kun.
It feels refreshing to leave the past behind with a driven feeling huh! (lol)
What’s next?
In 2012, let’s study Kanji together while drinking beer!
About the reading of [建立], (the reaction of) [“You never use one that in your life… right?”] has left the most impression on me~ (lol) [1]

Mucho Gra,

A man of few words, but one who cares a lot about those around him!
He paid the most attention and spoke to me about the change of my mentally weak self, and his appearance is one of unimaginable kindness!
I can’t become used to not being completely together during the lives but, let’s do a live together when you return here again, okay♪

Lastly is not a member, but my designer heloc (a.k.a Hero),
Thanks for always helping out. The designs are awesome among other things, and thank you for also making the pictures 30 times better! (lol)

Also, I am really grateful for the always warm support from the staff.
I plan to devote myself every day in order to answer to everyone’s expectations!

You have really taken care of me during 2011.
Please take good care of me next year too.

Together with my designer Heloc~



[1] The reading of this Kanji can be either “konryuu” or “kenritsu” and in both cases means “(act of) building (of a building, temple); erection”. … Okay, that last one made me laugh too, but it’s not meant in that context >D. Apparently they like to learn Kanji. While drinking beer of course (laughs). Anyway, weren’t those messages to the members sweet? ^^ I thought so!

Translated by Melissa