Ace to disband on April 29, 2013

Ace has announced that they will disband after their Ship “Friend of mine” – Ace Day one-man live on April 29, 2014.


Ship “Friend of Mine” one-man lives

Ace will be holding 4 special one man shows next year! More info here!


The story so far… ∀ {Turn A} Info

The Hearty Ensemble Crew ventures into the dark abyss. Learn more about this mysterious Turn A website.

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Where to purchase Ace’s music

Love Ace and want to purchase their awesome music? Check out our buying guide!


Hearty Ensemble Affiliation Program

Hearty Ensemble wants YOU! Learn more about our Affiliation Program and about how we give back to Hearties!

♠ 白い悪魔~Phantom of the Snow~ [kanji/romaji/translation]

Kanji, romaji and English translations for Ace’s latest single, 白い悪魔~Phantom of the Snow~.


Added goods at coolJAPANstore

There has been a couple of things added to Ace’s page that you can purchase at coolJAPANstore. Photo sets (1,000 yen each): Photo set A Photo set B Photo set C 2010-2014 Photo Album 2,000 yen each